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SCUBA and H2O Adventure Scuba & H2O Adventure Magazine May Edition 2017 : Page 7

PANHANDLE • FLORIDA SE Raffle Winners Announced at the Winter Workshop Winter Workshop Equipment Demos “The workshop was a pure joy to attend! There was such a sense of family and camaraderie the whole weekend,” said Angie, an Open Water Instructor and cave diver who attended the workshop. There was a number of presentations including Alpine Cave Diving, What Does Exploration Mean to You, Logistics of Exploration Support, The History Behind the Wakulla Project, Between Certification and Exploration, Expedition Logistics and The Survival Mindset. Several thousands of dollars’ worth of raffle prizes were donated by dive shops and gear manufacturers such as Shearwater, X Deep, Deep 6 Gear, Dive Rite, Dive Soft, Sub Gravity, Underwater Light Dude, Reg Mount, North Florida Springs Alliance, and more. The opening social was hosted by Cave Adventurers and Chris Richardson of Deep 6 Gear provided lunch during the main event. Equipment manufacturers were on hand with plenty of great gear for divers to demo. There were rebreather demonstrations from Sub Gravity and KISS Rebreathers, lights from Underwater Light Dude, with fins, regulators, and other products from Deep 6 Gear. This year’s Winter Workshop was organized by Richard Black of Florida Dive Connection, who wants to continue to inspire and grow the diving community. Technical diving, and cave diving is as vibrant as ever. Many of the innovations and techniques used by all divers come from this area of our sport and events like the Winter Workshop give divers an opportunity to learn. A young, aspiring cavern diver named Lauren who volunteered over the weekend said, “I was able to learn more about what cave diving entails and make various scuba diving connections.” A big thank you was due to the Jackson County Tourist Development Counsel which provided a $750 grant to help with the costs of hosting the event. Local TV news crews even stopped by Cave Adventurers, the local dive shop which helped support the event, beforehand to get some footage to air before the weekend. The Cave Diving Section also hosts an annual international convention which is June 2-3 this year in Lake City, Florida. Tickets are available online now. www. These events are great for divers and outdoor enthusiasts of all types. Whether you are an aspiring cave diver or are just curious about magnificent networks of underground caves, there is much to learn. VIKING DIVING “L e t us take you where the lo . ive” cals d Orange Beach, AL Diving Charters • Scuba Training Poseidon equipment sales & service Watch Our Dive Video on Facebook Charters•Tank Fills•Rentals 251-716-0151 Certified training on the world’s first safe, fully automated Closed Circuit Rebreathers • 850.916.3483 7 FACEBOOK.COM/SCUBAH2OMAG

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